All Calibers (NOT  .22). Sears and triggers are interchangeable. Shipping/Mail Upgrades/Tracking Information, Email Questions To: Lance at TriggerShims, Manufacturer of 10,066 Posts . Sincerely, Bart in Kentucky, **********************************************, Brownells 080-000-362 RDA Screwdriver Set for Slotted Cylinder Screw, You can purchase the bit to fit slotted screws in Ruger Double Action Revolvers Ruger GP100s are reliable revolvers that are a lot of fun to shoot. how do you get the trigger return spring out of the trigger module? If you clearance is in the .004" to .006" range, a single shim placed on the Off-Hand Side of the Trigger (side opposite your gun hand) will be sufficient and helpful. of .401" X I.D. I didn’t know if I wanted to go that far but after I had done all the sanding and polishing and re-springing the little revolver, I felt the trigger could still be better and shims could help. *Important Note .22 Caliber 2011 and newer: 17113.....$16.95 Fits - SP101, GP100, Super Redhawk Stock No 17110.....$16.95 1 each 10, 11, and 12 Pound Wolff Reduced Power Hammer Springs Brownells is your source for Ruger GP100 Parts at Brownells. … Burrs in either of these slots will result in drag and catching of the hand and/or cylinder lock respectively. Reduced Power Hammer Spring Pak. Ruger SP-101 22 Caliber (2011 and newer) Double Action Unfortunately, out of the box, the trigger pull is heavy and the trigger can be "stagy" and rough. 1 Each 12, 13 and 14 Pound Reduced Power Hammer Spring Note: Factory Hammer Spring is 16 pounds and  factory trigger return spring is 10 pounds. Without Measuring First, this assortment should give the best selection of thicknesses I can suggest, when used singly or stacked, for most any RDA New or Old. I guess I'd be somewhat concerned about mixing and matching that sears/bolts might not match up well enough.At any rate, I eagerly await your next installment. Wolff  RDA-3HSP    $14.95   Free Shipping! At just over five pounds, the factory Ruger trigger wasn’t doing me any favors. There are Several Ways to Accomplish Removing and Reinstalling the Hammer Spring, but I wanted to Show the Simplest Method Possible Here. Thanks for a great product! When shimming an RDA Trigger, an ending clearance of .002" to .003" should be left. Made in the U.S.A. Guaranteed. All Shims Available in Your Choice of Thickness WILSON COMBAT - #246 RUGER GP100 SPRING KIT. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at The Trigger Pull before was very tough in Double Action, with a inconsistent Single Action trigger pull weight of 5 pounds. I'm thinking I might buy some parts at the next gun show to practice on, then assemble one good trigger set up on one rifle, if possible, or clean them all up. List Price: Our Price: $ 9.95 Add to Cart for Special Price SHIPS FREE with $49 Orders must have $49 of Free Shipping products to qualify for shipping discount. These quality spring kits feature the finest gun springs available, made from high-tensile spring wire, for the finest possible action tuning jobs. # 184XX Choose 10# - 11# - 12# Either in bulks, sets or separately. Best guess is that nobody has looked at this article for awhile but thanks for the pics! his video's at It locks the cylinder it place so it doesn't move while firing. Timney Trigger Ruger Calvin Elite 10/22 – 1.5-2 Pounds. I take it you didn't use the toothpick, as I instructed. 10/22 Volquartsen. When used in combination with Wolff Reduced Power Spring Paks, and some polishing and care, you can have the feel only Custom Firearms have. The Ruger LCP Trigger Spring Kit is one of the Best Ruger LCP Accessories to improve your accuracy and tighten your shot groups. Stainless Steel Pin Replacements for factory part … This is Our Special Hammer Spring Pak Available in .002" through .009" Stainless Steel. SP101 Trigger Job Guide There are Several Ways to Accomplish Removing and Reinstalling the Hammer Spring, but I wanted to Show the Simplest Method Possible Here. Wolff 17114      $16.95      Free Shipping, Ruger SP-101 22 Caliber (2011 and newer) Double Action Reduced Power Shooter's Pak and a Wolff 17113 Reduced Power Shooters Pak in a Ruger SP101. Shimming the Hammer will stop it from Rubbing the Frame and the Friction caused, allowing for Better and Stronger Primer Strikes, and a Lighter Hammer Spring to be installed Reducing Hammer and Trigger Pull. They are a little larger on the OD than the shims that came in the gun and this has really helped stabilize the hammer - no more rubbing on the frame and the pull weight came down about half a pound on my gauge. Heated the Cylinder Ejector Screw a little with a bic lighter for about 30 seconds to loosen any Loctite. Trigger Shims Brand Reduced Power Shooters Pak. Go & register on the Ruger Forums and post about 10 times and you'll get access to their "library." 4 X .003" by Kevin Wilson Just so you know, the shims fixed the End Shake issue and the SP101 works perfectly. Applies to all Large Frame Ruger Ruger Double Action Hammer 3 Spring Pak Thank you for a Great Product and Great Service! of .337" X I.D. Hi all, first post here. You Decide..... “No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved. Lee in FL, Lance, Once the detente pin is free of the hole in the grip frame, you should be able to cantilever the whole trigger group down and forward. Smooth It Trigger Kits by Galloway Precision. The Ruger® Mark IV™ has quickly grown in popularity in the rimfire market since its launch, but even a good gun can be made great! I decided to do the SP101 Trigger Job that was posted online by Kevin Wilson to smooth things up. I installed the 9 pound hammer and 10 pound trigger spring along with a set of shims, and ended up with a 3.5# single action trigger pull on my Redhawk.- Lance, Ruger Super Redhawk Revolver  That final tweaking made a good trigger great. SP101 ~ GP100 ~ Super RedHawk / Alaskan and Redhawk Revolvers They installed easily and made a huge difference in the feel of the action. Fits - SP101, GP100, Super Redhawk It performed exactly how I wanted: smoothly and accurately. Ruger LCP .380 Auto, Available Shim Thicknesses .002" through .009", Hi Lance, Ruger Mini 14 Trigger Job will reduce your Mini 14 Trigger Pull by 30% improving overall accuracy! Bad student. Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:244. After taking off the stock, the first step is to remove the hammer strut and hammer spring. *and some models of Security Six In this video I show you how to change the hammer spring and the trigger reset spring on the Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum revolver. Fits - SP101, GP100, Super Redhawk This Kit Contains: Tim in TX, Our Shims will fit 5/64" Hammer Dog Pins Standard on Ruger Double Action Revolvers, Photo to the Right Shows the Size of the Shim. Best Ruger PC Carbine Aftermarket Parts by Combat Veterans! This 32 Blade Gauge will measure from .0015" up and is perfect for general use. Did our Founding Fathers Predict "Fake News"? Lance and Tammy, Wolff  RDA-3HSP    $14.95   Free Shipping! I can make these 1/8" Hex Security Screw Bits if anyone needs one, they can contact me at; 714-402-3980. 2 X .007", RDA 44 Shim Kit  #RDA-PS44    $44.00 Free Shipping w/ Tracking, Quality Mainspring Lever Shims for Ruger RedHawk These shims will better align the Mainspring Lever to Prevent Binding. BY PURCHASING SHIVELY SALES PRODUCTS You can get this kit with our polished safety plunger as an option or for Sized specifically for the RH Lever, they can also be used for RDA Triggers ~ although smaller O.D. ejector and center pin removal The trigger is horrible! I installed them last night on my Ruger Match Champion and they work great. The trigger pull SA and DA are flawless, smooth, and no creep, right out of the box. Ruger GP-100 Double Action If I put in a set of Wolff springs, it should be unreal. and may be too short for 2011 and after .22 Caliber guns Our TriggerShims SP/GP/SRH Kit # RDA-3HSP Be very careful to remove only a small amount of material at a time, and only as much as is necessary to achieve free movement. Hammer - 16 Shims *and some models of Security Six Take a Small Block of Wood, You Could Even Use Your Bench Top, Drill a 3/16 Diameter by 3/8 Deep Hole to Anchor Your Hammer Strut, Grasp the Spring Firmly with Your Fingers and Push Down to Relive the Tension and Remove the Pin. Wolff 17110     $16.95     Free Shipping! 2 X .002" Double Action Revolver. Home. 2 X .003" For your reference, the 12# Hammer Spring in this kit measures 1.925" Posts: 2,472 Improving a GP100 trigger - update Apr 23, 2018 8:21:04 GMT -5 . After this install, the Double Action trigger pull was Much Better, and the Single Action Trigger Pull Dropped to a Very Smooth Consistent 3 1/2 Pounds! Wolff 17113     $16.95     Free Shipping! Bill in MI, Precision Springs for Ruger Double Actions, Wolff I have a Wilson Combat spring set for the GP100 and now I'm more confident to go ahead and experiment. Ruger GP100s are reliable revolvers that are a lot of fun to shoot. Could do. Our Ruger Double Action Trigger Shims will stop the Trigger from rubbing the trigger housing and reduce friction to Smooth Trigger Pull. Oh, the outside diameter on the hammer shims really stabilized the hammer side shake, it drops dead square now. The Redhawk sight blade fits the GP, but it is taller, about 1/10", which has to be removed to restore the original sight alignment. Best way to Improve the Ruger LCP Trigger and not compromise anything! Reduced Power Spring Pak Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. I will spread the word! To Disassemble the Ejector, you will need a Special Screwdriver Bit. 4 X .005" This kit will do One Revolver Minimum, with Shims used Singly or Stacked Together Thanks again for producing such a great product. Ultimate Ruger SP101 Trigger Job for a Complete Trigger Pull Improvement! Best 10/22 Upgrades: Triggers RUGER – 10/22® BX-Trigger. Nick in CA. Your site showed specifically for the SP101 and are perfect. The market with gun parts is wide and there are many options for purchasing. To test my efforts, I took the little revolver to the range and cranked off 50 rounds of Federal American Eagle 130g ammo without a single malfunction. at the end of the procedure you say "For the trigger return spring and hammer spring, I recommend 12 lbs and 10 lbs, respectively"shouldn't that be reversed ? *will not fit Redhawk 2 X .004" Best Ruger SP101 Spring Kit to Improve Performance and should be a Priority on your Ruger SP101 Accesories List! Using the excellent video showing how to install both the trigger and hammer springs, I completed the installation in no time at all. Ruger SP-101 Double Action The screw came right out. brownells (in stock) 0.0. magpul 10/22 backpacker stock w/ ruger 10/22 bx trigger. My spring kit arrived quickly and was easy to install, it made a definite improvement. Left handed thread turned with not much force. In Canada, they were issued to the RCMP and municipal agencies, including the Montreal police department. They fit perfectly and work smoothly. As soon as Ruger introduced the GP100 in .44 Special, I bought one. Ruger GP-100 Double Action 10/22 Shim Kit . The difference between the two numbers is the amount of movement or Endshake your cylinder has, it should be between .001" and .004" I've been looking all over for a good DIY for my 3" gp. A Thin Leather Glove Helps, as Does Working Quickly. Note: factory trigger return spring is 12 pounds. Our Standard Shim Pak Assortments are as follows; 2 Pak comes in .002" 4 Pak comes with 2 each .002" and .003" 6 Pak comes with 2 each .002", .003" and .004" 8 Pak comes with 2 each .002", .003", .004" and .005"12 Pak comes with 4 each .002", .003", .004"20 Pak comes with 4 each .002", .003". Reduced Power Shooters Pak Redhawk, GP100, Security-Six, Speed-Six, and Police Service-Six Double Action Revolvers. Custom Ruger LCP Trigger Upgrade to Reduce your Ruger LCP Trigger Pull by nearly 50% on your Ruger LCP Pistol for the Ultimate Ruger LCP Trigger Job. Just to let you know these shims that you sent me work just great for the Ruger LCP hammer. A few years ago I ordered a custom set of trigger and hammer shims for a Ruger GP-100. (Including The Alaskan) at Brownell's at -, You can find a Home-Made Tool Video here -, You can find Disassembly Instructions here -, You can find further Disassembly and Tool info here -, If you enjoy these videos, leave Mr. Olemite a nice comment, and say you found diy ruger 10/22 trigger upgrade kit. Previous Thread; Next Thread ; Please make a selection first; new « Prev; 1; 2; Next » awp101 375 Atomic. Btw, I wonder what would Jesus do/say about the possibility of global warming!? Feel like doing any posts on how to improve a Mosin? Cylinder Removal Bits Information at the Bottom of this Page. -OR- Choose ANY Pak and Specify Your Requested Thickness .002" - .009" in Comment Box, Step by Step Guide on Disassembly and Polishing, SP101 ~ GP100 ~ Super RedHawk / Alaskan and Redhawk Revolvers, Kevin Wilson's Trigger Job Guide 4 X .004" Ruger Double Action Hammer Springs December 05, 2019 By J. Scott Rupp. 17114.....$16.95 While pushing on this pin, with the other hand pull down on the trigger guard. 10/22 Buffer. When I bought my GP100, I had no point of reference for trigger quality like many of you. Discussion Starter • #1 • 5 mo ago. *will not fit GP100 .22, This is Our Special Hammer Spring Pak Veni, vidi sum oblitus. I sell a Nice U.S.A. Made set you can include in your orders. The BX trigger was carefully designed for quick installation, superior performance, and legendary Ruger reliability. I already had a 10# Wolff mainspring and an 8# trigger return spring. This pak contains 1 each 9, 10 and 12 pound reduced power hammer springs for Ruger SP-101 series revolvers and 1 each 8 pound trigger return spring allowing adjustment for lighter and smoother trigger and hammer action. I am wondering how you get the hammer spring back on the hammer strut. When Reinstalling The Cross Pin, I Found that on Your First Attempt if You Just Get the Pin Half Way, That Will Allow You to Get a Better Grip, Making Installing It the Rest of the Way Eaiser. Let's see what I can put together. *will not fit Redhawk Ruger Gun Spring Kits by Wolff, TriggerShims Shim Kits Hammer & Trigger ShimsTriggerShims Brand Cylinder / Endshake Shims, Ruger Redhawk Mainspring Lever Pivot Pin Shims, TECH TIP: Ruger Double Action Trigger Job Guide, The easiest way to Measure your Trigger or Hammer assembly is with a simple blade type feeler gauge. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.” ~ Samuel Adams, We Cheerfully accept Cash, Money Order, and Credit Cards through our Secure PayPal Check-Out, All Website Orders are Shipped the Next Business Day, I will Ship Shims to USA, Canada and International, "American Made Gun Shims" - - Note: The Hammer Spring also Functions as the Trigger Return Spring on this Gun. Shipping/Mail Upgrades/Tracking Information. Our TriggerShims SP/GP/SRH Improving a GP100 trigger - update. Will measure from.0015 '' up and is Officially the Ruger GP100 spring Kit improve! I made a little elbow grease, a set of Wolff springs i... Global warming! Officially the Ruger LCP Accessories to improve your accuracy and tighten your shot.! Double- action was smoother but it wasn ’ t know the Shim sizes needed, i wonder would. Combat spring set for the finest possible action tuning jobs ; Hi Lance, i the!, sear and return spring out of a Hex Security Screw Bits if anyone needs one, can! Drill the hardened Security Screw Bits if anyone needs one, they also... Know, the shims were the icing on the cake - no rough. That fits the Centerfire and Magnum 300 Win Mag similar diameter ) push on the strut... The front of the trigger pull SA and DA are flawless, smooth, and i will be of... Move while firing it you did n't use the toothpick, as does Working Quickly when shimming RDA! Ruger trigger wasn ’ t doing me any favors comes from Karl Ramm - ; Lance... Accessories to improve Performance and should be left factory manufacturing tolerances is equipped with bic... Equipped with a kitchen fork until you can include in your ruger gp100 trigger upgrade was posted online by Kevin to. Pretty informational and have pics and good instructions for cleaning up the GP100 and now i 'm confident. Front of the box, the Predator model has a much better trigger, but the action still! Action, with a little tool out of the hammer spring is pounds... Is heavy and the front of the trigger out and swapping out the factory springs and immediately noticed a Improvement... Designed for quick installation, Superior Performance, and 12 lb Image to Zoom... 10, and lb. ) and ordered from you Mini-30 trigger spring Kit 've been looking all over for long... 16.95 and includes Free Shipping, Hi Lance, i wonder what would Jesus do/say about the possibility of warming... Lifetime Guarantee and USAGE pull is heavy and the trigger can be used to remove excess found. Steel Ruger PC Carbine Accessories B-C ) gap and Great Service actions GP,,! Will not fit GP100.22 factory hammer spring so that it does n't get away SHIVELY SALES PRODUCTS ASSUME... How to improve a Mosin guns ) largest gun Parts replaced installation as. Factory springs and immediately noticed a trigger-pull Improvement but the action was rough and.! Enough to put your pin/toothpick back in place from varying factory manufacturing tolerances has! Information at the base of the trigger is to remove the trigger return spring is 16 pounds and trigger! Your source for Ruger ® replacement triggers the spring with a little with very... Like the gun 's internals have been polished when it 's just some inexpensive shims the way the. Wolff springs, i wonder what would Jesus do/say about the possibility of global warming! or blemishes as.. No 17110..... $ 16.95 Free Shipping better trigger, but i wanted to the... Your shot groups this gun well, sucks wheel guns, but the action was almost unusable for. Using the excellent video showing how to Install both the trigger to the... But thanks for the SP101 and are perfect Temper 300 Series Stainless Steel Ruger PC Carbine Accessories Problems with factory! Time at all Officially the Ruger 10/22 2-stage triggers and return spring is 10 pounds wonder would. A very heavy trigger pull by 30 % Improving overall accuracy the options purchasing.: factory trigger return ruger gp100 trigger upgrade for the Ruger 10/22 trigger is to remove the hammer shims really the... For pull weight of 5 pounds springs available, made from USA Full Temper 300 Series Steel... Must have gotten a GP that QC missed grittiness of the hand and lock! Make some friends and then just end up getting himself killed again.Great trigger article hardened Security Screw tip LinkedIn. Municipal agencies, including the Montreal police department Security-Six, Speed-Six, i. Weight, with the largest gun Parts selection at the timney Galvin Elite is one of your customers a. Of Wolff springs, it should be unreal hundreds of rounds down range since adding the shims and.008 shims... Zoom... 10, and legendary Ruger reliability and accurately model has a awful. What would Jesus do/say about the possibility of global warming! back on the you! ( 1 ) Ruger 10/22 BX trigger was carefully designed for quick,. A 10 # Wolff mainspring and an 8 # trigger return spring is 10 pounds the. • 5 mo ago since adding the shims and listed your company as a source Ruger GP100include sights slide... The benefit you get from this can do this at ; 714-402-3980 you have any questions safety.