The philosophy

From beginnings in utility automation and process control back in 1986, the goal has always been to provide only the best. Technolgical Elegance, represented by fast, clean, reliable, simple systems. The preference is to spend a small amount of time on preventative maintenance, than be trying to put out fires.

You can choose from a lot of people with varying degrees of knowledge at widely ranging prices. The best move is to go with EXPERIENCE as well. It is the indicator of knowledge worth the price.

The Experience

Beyond the ten years of experience working with Networks and the Internet, there is a wide variety of experience in complementary trades. From process controls and utility automation systems and programmable logic controllers (PLC's) to automated machine controls, SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Aquisition) systems and radio telemetry. All elements of experience which help focus the first job: making technology work for you.


The Confidence

When CSS is on the job, you know your system is going to deliver what you want, where and when you need it. Providing technology at the level of a utility service, can give you the peace of mind you need to survive in the business environment of today. While you concentrate on what you do best, CSS can manage & provide the technology you need.

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