Computers and Networking

From offices with two machines and a printer to 150 workstations and multiple servers, we can manage your Network for you. We take care of hardware, software and "Help-Desk" problems leaving you to do what you do best: run your business.
  • Networking: Unix (Linux, BSD, MAC-OSX, Solaris) or Windows (Win9X, NT, 2000) LAN, WAN and VPN assessment, design, operation & maintenance
  • Computer maintenance: Hardware, Software and Operating systems
  • Desktop Support (Onsite, email or phone) for Microsoft Operating systems, Office Suite and various other common software
  • On-site and Off-site data backup
  • Network and Telcom wiring C-7 License
  • Training for your staff in basic Operating System, common Office application skills or anything we do for you

Internet Services

We can provide & manage your Internet services (WWW, EMail, FTP) as well. From DSL and other access options to keeping your email moving and your website fast & fresh, let us do it so you don't have to try and be an Internet expert. [Our Internet services are governed by our Acceptable Use Policy, available for your review here.

Basic Virtual Web Services ($20.00/Month $20.00/One-Time Setup)

  • A Virtual WebServer for your domain name with 60MEG of space
  • 5 E-Mail accounts and a catch-all for your domain (additional accounts available)
  • FTP access for maintaining your files

Virtual Internet Servers $45.00/Month $100.00/One-Time Setup

  • A Virtual WebServer for your domain name with 160MEG of space
  • Unlimited E-Mail accounts/aliases
  • A Virtual FTP Server with anonymous & User defined FTP accounts
  • SSL Secure Services

Dedicated Internet Servers

  • A dedicated server fully equipped with Web Administration
  • Load-balancing over multiple servers
  • SSL Secure services
  • Due to the nature of dedicated services, we would need to interview you to quote a price.

Complete DNS Services

  • More freedom than you find at your local ISP
  • Use third-level domain names ( to point to Virtual servers
  • $20.00 per Zone file edit, no recurring fee
Administration Service Levels
  • Basic: We do administration for you at $95.00/Hr billed in 15 minute increments
  • Level Four ($25.00/Month): We are available for you for 30 minutes a month*
  • Level Three ($55.00/Month): We are available for you for 1 hour a month*
  • Level Two ($100.00/Month): We are available for you for 2 hours a month*
  • Level One (Negotiable): We are available for you whenever for however long you need*

*All but Basic service levels are 'On-retainer'. This means the charge is by the month, like a subscription. Whether you use the service or not. Contract and Retainer rates are negotiable.

Website Production

Drawing upon a diverse talent pool, we can produce an outstanding website for your business. From presentations of information to interactive sites which serve information from your database. We assign a producer to your project who is the point person coordinating the entire effort. You deal with one individual who has the talent to orchestrate the technology to make your vision a reality.

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